Variation in Presentation, Diagnosis, and Management of Children and Adolescents With ADHD Across European Countries. Journal of Attention Disorders 1–13 © 2015 SAGE Publications

The objective of this study was to describe variation in the presentation, diagnosis, treatment,
and outcomes of chil- dren and adolescents with ADHD in six Western European countries. The general
epidemiology of selected patients with ADHD, including patient gender and age at diagnosis did not
appear to differ significantly among these countries. However, we observed substantial variation
with respect to the diagnostic approach used (i.e., use of DSM-IV vs. ICD-10-CM), severity
of core and noncore ADHD symp- toms/behaviors reported upon presentation, and distribution of ADHD subtypes. Furthermore, the mean number of comorbid conditions appeared to differ widely across coun- tries, and may be linked to requirements
of the diagnostic

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