Relationship between symptom impairment and treatment outcome in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder: a physician perspective. ADHD ATTENTION DEFICIT ANDA HYPERACTIVITY DISORDERS ISSN 1866-6116 Volume 7 Number 1

This study provides insight regarding the impact of a wide
range of ADHD symptoms and behaviours on treatment outcomes for children and adolescents under
routine clin- ical care as documented by their physicians. Overall, physician-reported OTS in this
European routine care set- ting seems to be low. High impairment levels in non-core symptoms were
negatively associated with OTS, whereas impairment levels in core ADHD symptoms were not. Future
research is necessary to confirm and further understand this observation. Potentially mutable
factors associated with OTS included treatment adherence, patient engagement, and specific goals .

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